How to: Set Up the Windows Vista Operating System for Use with Mo-Net Internet Services


The Mo-Net set up CD version 3.3 or 3.4 will configure your new computer with the Windows Vista operating system to dial-up to the Internet, and Wireless broadband users shouldn't need to make any configuration adjustments to connect, but you will need to set up your Mo-Net email manually. In Windows Vista, Windows Mail replaces Outlook Express as the standard Windows email client. This article describes how to set up Windows Mail in Windows Vista.


Manual Solution

To set up Windows Mail in Windows Vista, complete the following steps.





From the Start menu, click the E-mail Windows Mail icon.



Result: The Windows Mail program displays.

Click Tools, then select Accounts.

In the Internet Accounts window, click Add.

Result: The types of accounts that can be added will open in a new window.

Select E-mail Account, then click Next.

Enter Display name, then click Next.


Enter E-mail address, then click Next.

a.       Select POP3 from the drop down menu.

b.       Enter the Incoming and Outgoing mail server locations. 

c.        Click  NEXT


a.       Enter E-mail username.

b.       Enter Password.

c.        Select or deselect the Remember password box, depending on preferences.

d.       Click Next.

Click Do not download my e-mail at this time, then click Finish.

All steps complete.