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American Legion Post 788
Audrey Allen
Michael Allred
Sid & Mary Allsbury
Rusty Arnold
Barry County Southern Baptist Association
Carla Beerbower
Jeff Bolton
Raymond Boxley
David Brittenham
Holly Brittenham
Ramona Burbridge
Wes Burleson
Cassville High School Band
Jeff Caudron
Central Crossing Fire
Protection District
Donnie Chadd
Community Lutheran Church
Eagle Rock
Mark Cooper
Marvin & Macy Cruzan
Countryside Christian Church
The Crawford's
Charles Cross
Ivan Curtis
Devin Debes
Wandra & T. Joe Dees
Ray & Marcia Delaney
Ashley Denney
Jeremy Denney
Mary Denney
Monica Dodson
David Dokko
Jennifer Dynes
D.W. Earl
Amanda Ellis
Elm Branch Christian Church
Jerry Ennis
Bill Ervin
F1 Computer Club
Family Worship Center
First Christian Church,
First Presbyterian Church,
Mt. Vernon
Connie Foster
Marc Foster
The Garner Family
William Gibson
A.J. Going
Galen Hall
Mary Hall
Jack Hamblett Jr.
Ben & Irene Harper
Paul Hathaway
Joe Himes
Vicki Himes
Becky Hodge
Clinton Hunter
Tony Hurn
The Inmans - Rick & Shelly
Rob Jackson
Kayla Jaques
Gary Jarmer
Jacob Kier
Ladyhawk's Keep
Marty Lane
Hal & Barb Lindgren
Martin Lindstedt
Melissa Lockhart
Kevin Mahurin
Geri Malacki
Glen Manis
Vincent Martinuz
Regina McIlrath
Joyce McPherson
Monett Church of
the Nazarene
John A. Myers
Patrick Nagle
Joe Nix
Owens Community Center
Ozark Chinquapin
Nature Center
Ozarks Festival Orchestra
Kevin Packwood
Peace Lutheran Church
Pierce City Class of 2001
Roger Pinnell
John Potter
Purdy R-II Alumni, Students, and Faculty
Gregory Quick
Rackowitz Family
Marvin Reese
Rittenhouse's Web
Roaring River State Park
T.J Rockers
Jackie Rutherford
San~Dees Oldies
Harold Schimke
Aimee Senseney
Shell Knob School
Andy Sinclair-Hall
John Sinclair-Hall
The Siscos
Shell Knob First Baptist Church
Shell Knob VFW
Rose Sherman
Steve Smith
Southwest R-5 Alumni, Students, and Faculty
Mark & Kelly Speakman
James Stepp
St. Thomas Episcopal Church
Malinda Stickle
Warren and Emily Swan Family
Jim Swolley
Greg Tichnor
Kelly Tolbert
Andy Treat
The Vogt Family
Bud Walters
Ron Webb
Wheaton United Methodist Church
Stephanie Whisman
Dan & Pearl Williamson
Doug & Michelle Winzer
Kim Wright
Greg Yardley

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